Homeless (2020)


Han Gyul and Go Un is a young couple raising their newborn Woo Rim. Not too long ago, they got scammed by a real estate agent and lost their entire fortune leaving them homeless. Eventually, they lug their belongings and try to sleep at Jjimjilbangs every night. Han Gyul provides delivery service driving a scooter and Go Un put up flyers carrying Woo Rim. However, it seems impossible to find a place to live by their endeavors alone. One day, Woo Rim gets hurt at a Jjimjilbang and the couple’s situation becomes more desperate. They end up temporarily staying at a house of this elderly woman whom Han Gyul got to know through his delivery service work. Han Gyul tells Go Un that this lady is visiting the US for a month but the whole thing feels suspicious to her. Homeless illustrates the despair of the younger generation toward housing problems. The couple dreams to live a life like a model house that appears in the first scene, but the reality is the opposite.

Also known as: homliseu


Status: Completed

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